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21 diciembre, 2021
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21 diciembre, 2021

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Eagle coach Pedson and lightning coach Lin En handsome position is suspicious

After the end of Monday night game on the Seattle Hawks, the day of Many Philadelphia Eagle players did not end this day.

According to informed sources, such as Carson Wentz, defensive Didwang Braham and Medium Jason Kelce, etc. Team leader Leave a temporary meeting after the game. The coach Doug-Pederson is also present. They asked the players to take responsibility, and they also take responsibility for their performance, but also talked about the current situation and need to reverse the situation.

Although three years ago, I entered the session of the championship in the second year and won the partition champion in the second year. According to the informed people, Pederson’s handsome position in the eagle has been in jeissance. Despite the excellent past record, Pedson does not guarantee that they can stay in next year. Wenz’s poor performance and Pedson is difficult to find a solution will be one of the reasons why Pederson may go to get out of class.

The outside world has begun to guess Pederson’s future. Many crops have the same idea. They are worried that Pederson handsome is not guaranteed. They can feel the nervous atmosphere in the team and dissatisfaction, and feel the team start looking for a solution.

Pederson has previously said that the team boss Jeffrey Lurie did not give any guarantees for his future, Luury’s performance is dissatisfied with the performance of the team and compared to the past, this season and team stayed There is less time together. Luury is rarely gone at the end of the eleventh contest, but the team spokesperson said that due to the cautious gains to see the family in Thanksgiving, Luuri.

The Eagle Coach Group has tried to make a change to reverse the situation: cheap nfl jerseys online Pedson has given up some tactical command responsibilities, the team leader held a meeting with only players on Wednesday, hoping to find the answer, and reported in recent days The players in the training are high.

Pederson is not the only cheap nfl jerseys for sale team coach that is unstable. Although everything has not been fixed, Jacksonville Americas coach Doug-Malone (Doug Marrone) and the New York Jets, the Adam Gase is also difficult to keep handsome.

Another handsome man is a label Anthony Lynn, but his situation is more curious. Inside the lightning, Lin En is respected and a very good coach. In the first 2 seasons of the lanterns, the lightning from San Diego moved from San Diego to Los Angeles, he took the team to win 21 wins and 11 loss records, and the best 12 wins and 4-dimensional battle results in the 2018 season lightning and won the scene. A playoffs.

However, from the last season, there is poor lightning performance. They have many performances in the game fail to meet Lingen’s normal standards, and there are 4 games to pass through 3 points and smaller points. Lynn’s coaching is difficult to lead the team to win.

It can be said that Lynn’s handsome position is not stable.

Lightning has not been dismissed the team coach in the middle of the season since 1998. They are still firmly supporting Lynn. However, in the twelfth week competition against the array of Faro, cheap jerseys lightning is still using a mushroom attack on the front of the opponent’s end. Such tactical arrangements make Lin En’s ability to be suspected.

If there is more command problems in the game, will it consider? possible. But everyone wants to won’t go this point.

The last month has entered the last month, and many team coach will gradually become a foregone.


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